The Foundation Stone is Laid to Construct Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park
Date: 2016-03-29

  On 29 March 2015, the ground breaking ceremony for Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park took place beside the Dripping Lake of Lingang District, Shanghai, which marked this project entering the construction stage. This event is attended by Chen Mingbo, the Party Secretary of Development and Construction Administrative Committee of Shanghai Lingang District, Executive Deputy Director and Deputy Head of Pudong New District People’s Government; Yang Huigen, Director of State Oceanic Administration-Polar Research Center; leaders from Lingang Administrative Committee and Gangcheng Group; industry partners from Hong Kong Ocean Park, Taiwan Hualian Ocean Park, Merlin Entertainment Group, Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA); and friends from GGE (the designer of this project), financial industry and news and media.

  This world-class flagship scale ocean park is built by Haichang Holdings Co., Ltd., the largest Ocean theme park developer and operator China (Stock No.: HK.2255). Established in Shanghai, this project targets the customer group of East Asia, on the basis of its core philosophy of “Ocean Culture-themed Complex” to exhibit the polar animal of the world’s most species in a most unique and novel form, and with wonderful and varied ocean science education and entertainment to bring you an unforgettable experience.

  Located by the Dripping Lake of Shanghai Lingang District, the project covers a land area of about 29.7 hectares and building area of 190,000 square meters, which is divided into 5 theme areas and 1 resort hotel. The whole project contains 6 large-scale animal show venues, 3 interactive animal show venues, 2 high-tech cinemas and over 10 other entertainment facilities. The project’s product positioning, overall planning and entertainment concept, all comes out of international famous designers, who used to involve in Disney and SeaWorld project design. Themed on polar ocean features, the project aims to create an all-dimensional entertainment experience, with relaxing and inviting environment to allow tourists enjoying various interactive and science popularizing activities. In addition, there are many innovative breakthroughs in animal show, science education, theme entertainment, high-tech exhibition and performance tour.

  “As a major functional project in Lingang District, Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park takes advantage of the brand influence of Haichang Holdings and will have a meaningful impact on the functional perfection and traffics increase in this district. Once it is completed, this project is expected to receive over 6 million visits each year and thus becomes a new landmark in Lingang District that will inject fresh vitality and development impetus. The foundation stone laid marks a major steps for the construction of this project, and we will do our best to ensure the smooth going of this project by actively deploying each resource and element in need, in an effort to create a sound external environment and achieve win-win results. Shanghai Disneyland is about to open, which only takes 25 minutes to drive from Haichang Ocean Park. In the future, we will work hard to build Pudong into the largest tourist destination in East Asia and a world-class urban core in Shanghai, in an attempt to deliver win-win cooperation”, said Chen Mingbo, the Party Secretary of Development and Construction Administrative Committee of Shanghai Lingang District, Executive Deputy Director and Deputy Head of Pudong New District People’s Government.

  “For many years, Hong Kong Ocean Park has worked with Haichang Holdings on animal’s medical care, breeding and treatment in order to enhance animal protection and awareness and serve the industry and our society. We will jointly build a professional institute to conduct animal care and breading, and with out professionals and resources, we will work with State Oceanic Administration-Polar Research Center to conduct joint research in this regard”, said Li Shengzong, Vice CEO of Hong Kong Ocean Park.

  Haichang Holdings carries on its development philosophy of “everything starts from customer demand” and its mission of “lead a leisure and relaxing lifestyle to offer perfect service experience”, in an attempt to forge China’s first tourist brand and international-level entertainment service platform themed on ocean culture. The development, construction and operation of Shanghai Ocean Park is an important step for Haichang Holdings to achieve its overall strategy. Drawing on its global development vision and diversified cooperative modes, the company will strengthen its cooperation with international leaders from different industries to promote its corporate brand and enhance its managerial and operating level.

  As for the next five-year development, Yuan Bing, President and General Manager of Hony Capital and a strategic investor of Haichang Holdings, expressed his optimism on the future of this company: “as the vanguard of Chinese private equity, we have two reasons to invest in Haichang: first is the prosperous Chinese tourist market, and second is Haichang’s status, operating strength, core technique, business performance and appreciation space in this market segment.The next five-year plan of Haichang presents me with a bright future, because its varied measures taken on building an ocean culture-themed tourist destination, which will increase the income of its existing parks and new parks in Shanghai and Sanya; its innovative development centering on ocean culture, which will not only increase the proportion of asset-light in its profit table but also improve its asset structure and corporate profitability; and finally, because its vision of “forging China’s first tourist brand and international-level entertainment service platform themed on ocean culture, which fills me with confidence about its future.


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